sumo is 100% electric car sharing for the suburbs of Metro Vancouver.

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The future of car sharing is here electric autonomous

SUMO - Electric Car Sharing

We are investing in shared mobility!

And we’re excited to announce sumo 100% electric car share for the suburbs of Metro Vancouver. Launching full service in the fall of 2020.

Electric Car Sharing


A place where people go to move; providing access to cars, scooters and bikes in a safe, comfortable, and accessible environment.


A service that provides members with access to a mode of transport for short-term—hourly or daily round-trip carsharing and requires customers to borrow and return vehicles at the same sumohub.

Most quantity surveyors agree that sumohub cuts parking stall cost by up to 85%.

We envision a publicly accessible sumohub located within the parking areas of all future developments. Highly visible and identified by bold graphics, the hub is designed so that it is easy to find and thereby encouraging use. Adding a sumohub to a future development facilitates the elimination of the lowest level of underground parking with savings of up to 85% in construction cost, while concurrently reducing GHG emissions.

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University of California, Berkeley finding: 9 to 13 vehicles (including shed autos and postponed auto purchases) taken off the road for each carsharing vehicle.


Electric car sharing integrated into Metro Vancouver communities

sumohub designed to be visible.

sumohub is a carefully designed customer centric environment, that provides a welcoming and useful experience to the surrounding community. A consistent design and branding across hub locations creates the feeling of a familiar connected network and serves to nurture pride of belonging to a larger community. This also serves to establish a sense of reliability and routine in encountering and using the hub.

Readily available cars, bikes and scooters.

Incorporated within each sumohub is a fast charging infrastructure and a place to wash and clean. This ensures that the customer can have confidence in highly available, charged and clean cars that are ready to go! At the core of sumoreturn is a reliable tested telematics technology which has been proven in many European cities. Customers reserve and access their vehicle through a mobile application.

Offer support to local residents.

Many researchers speak of a wide range of economic and social benefits derived from shared mobility. Compelling evidence is available which shows that carsharing users reduce their vehicle holdings to a statistically significant degree. Most of this shift constitutes one-car households becoming carless. It follows then that the measurable benefits of shared use electric vehicles are simultaneously reduced car ownership and lower greenhouse gas emissions. A secondary, but important benefit of lower car ownership is reduced cost of living, which means a significant improvement in affordability of housing. For one third of the cost of ownership a user can have the same utility.

Benefit for the Real Estate Developer.

Let’s do the math! The ratio of the cost of an integrated sumohub / cost of second level underground parking is approximately 0.15. In other words, up to 85% savings! This can be a significant contributing factor to feasibility and competitiveness of projects while delivering amazing community benefits.

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Fleet of 100% electric vehicles, bikes and scooters.

sumo is the first all-electric vehicle share company in Canada. Our fleet of electric cars are connected through state-of-the-art technology and satellite-based telecommunication network. A team of customer service and fleet maintenance staff are always at hand.

Canada Electric Ride Sharing Program

BC is beautiful! sumo wants to keep it that way with zero-emission vehicle sharing.

We believe that the future of mobility is shared, electric, and autonomous. We also we believe that for people to change their behaviour from ownership to shared vehicle a high degree of confidence needs to exist. The primary factors of confidence are availability of vehicle, access to charging and reliability. To that end we are building a robust infrastructure to support an initial fleet to 150 electric vehicles from two Surrey based sumohub — a North hub serving Surrey Central and a South hub serving South Surrey and White Rock communities. Each hub will have an adequate number of 25KW level 2 and 50KW level 3 DC chargers. The fleet and charging infrastructure will expand in collaboration with members of the real estate development industry. We are targeting reaching critical mass by 2022.

Vehicle Sharing Program

sumo is another great transportation option!

  1. Helping local governments set new car sharing policies.
  2. Working with local governments to grow the charging infrastructure.
  3. Providing tremendous cost-savings on new construction projects.
  4. Contributing to affordable housing.
  5. Potentially avoiding up to 4 metric tons of CO2 per shared vehicle every year.
  6. Charging stations equipped with best in class fast chargers.

About Shared Use Mobility Company Inc.

As Canada’s first all-electric car sharing company, we are working diligently and collaboratively to improve the EV charging infrastructure throughout Metro Vancouver. By investing a fleet of electric vehicles, charging infrastructure and telematics technology we have secured a sound foundation for a dependable electric car share operation. We plan on working in collaboration with forward thinking real estate developers to grow the number of sumohubs across the Metro Vancouver region. Our goal is to reach critical mass by end of 2022.

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